Venture to Providence

Take a look around.  PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND is where the mighty entrepreneurial forces of "grit and intellect intersect."  Immerse yourself in a formidable talent base of world-class designers, artists and "artrepreneurs." 

Academic researchers, medical scientists and fabricators, alike, enthuse that Providence is the perfect place to grow. Our small scale allows connections to form easily. Relationships are deep. Interesting intersections of people and ideas happen naturally. Here, we are leading the movement to use Art + Design as forces to transform the economy of the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century. 

Providence is a mecca for "foodies" as well as for entrepreneurial ventures working at the nexus of food, health and medicine.

Providence is a mecca for "foodies" as well as for entrepreneurial ventures working at the nexus of food, health and medicine.

Yes! Providence, too, is an Ivy League town. We're only 50 miles south of the heroic city of Boston, which makes us an integral part of the Greater Boston regional economy. Many of our local entrepreneurs talk about Providence being the "hottest start-up community in the Greater Boston region." Launching a venture can be faster and easier in a smaller marketplace like Providence where people, networks and expertise are at your fingertips.

At the same time, we are close enough to the region's many start-up super clusters to be a viable and complementary option. As a networked region, Greater Providence and Greater Boston are geographically one and the same. Lots of angel and venture capital is waiting on the sidelines, eager to be invested in new ventures. Maybe even yours?

To be sure, Providence has its own identity and all-star characteristics. Students, young professionals and innovators are everywhere. Start-up capital in the region is plentiful. Our world-class research institutions are eager to crank out businesses and social enterprises with a ferocious pace. Entrepreneurial companies find that there is plenty of talent here to keep their growth trajectory steep. And big plans are now being executed. Brown University, Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island are redeveloping a major piece of real estate known as South Street Landing in the Knowledge District to create classroom, incubator, housing, retail and office space geared towards nursing and health care education. In addition, proposals are now being accepted by the Route 195 District Commission to redevelop 21 parcels along the Providence waterfront. Both projects are guaranteed to be economic game-changers for Rhode Island.  

Colorful and Edgy

Providence is diverse, with sophisticated dining and culture ---- a key lifestyle differentiator. As a university town, you will find lots of places to hang out with like-minded risk-takers to develop your next great idea. Why get lost in the crowd when you can have it all right here?  Providence is a great place to work, reside and have a life! And best of all, we were just ranked number two in the country on the "Top 10 Best Downtowns 2014," number one in America for "most exciting mid size cities," and number one by Architectural Digest as the country's best small city.

Providence combines a strategic location with an extremely high quality of life. There is a large number of very smart innovators in and around the city who come together to change the world.
— Barrett Bready, founder, Nabsys