Rhode Island ranks #1 in New England and #17 in the United States for Advanced Industry Job Growth, according to Brookings

Other rankings of note include:

#1 in U.S. in yearly growth rate for construction employment (Associated General Contractors 2017)

#3 in U.S. for tech density (Bloomberg 2016)

#16 in U.S.  for R&D intensity (Bloomberg 2016)

#14 in U.S. on State Innovation Index (Bloomberg 2016)

#19 in U.S. for science and engineering degree holders (Bloomberg 2016)

#2 in U.S. for broadband infrastructure (Business Facilities)

#19 in U.S. on State New Economy Index (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)

#1 ranked design school (RISD) in the world - (Business Insider 2012)

#1 lowest corporate tax rate in New England

#6 in U.S. in small state growth entrepreneurship (Kauffman 2016)

#1 Most Fun City in America (Providence, WalletHub 2016)

#1 in U.S. for energy efficiency (ACEEE)