An authentic place where art + design, science + technology, adventure + predictability and food + brew come together in exciting new ways.

We invite you to explore how our deliberate ecosystem is built for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially-minded. 

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Top Reasons Why Providence

  • World-class network of colleges and universities
  • Best-in-class training programs for a 21st century economy
  • Performance-based business incentives
  • Centers of excellence in cyber, design and data analytics
  • Only 50 miles from Boston; 2 hours from New York City 
  • Tight entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Innovators At Home

Donna Cupelo, region president Verizon NE, makes it clear that entrepreneurs have a strong support network in Providence. 


AirBnb Co-Founder Joe Gebbia loves Providence

“The culture of Rhode Island and the culture of Providence is one that’s ripe to attract companies like ours, and part of that is the talent pool. A lot of cities don’t see the broader picture. Silicon Valley is actually an entire ecosystem. It’s not just one thing. In order for that to work you also have to have access to capital, media, culture and mentorship.”


In Good Company

See why GE Digital, Johnson & Johnson, Wexford Science & Technology, the Cambridge Innovation Center, Virgin Pulse, Agoda, eMoney and Infoys have chosen to invest in Providence.

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National Recognition

Inc. Magazine says Providence is drawing the next generation of talent, placing us #1 on their list of East Coast cities for millennials and entrepreneurs. Providence has the capital and investors available and plenty of "natural" resources, they just have to open the mine and there will be a rush. Big companies bring talent, talent eventually spins off to create startups, Providence is poised in the next ten years to grow in to a top five emerging market for tech and entrepreneurship. 


Ready to Take Action?

Join today's innovators and disruptors in Providence. Maximize your entrepreneurial energy. Minimize the hassle of big metro city living. Small(er) is the new big. We're ready for you.

Abundant Talent

Dr. Meghan Hughes, president of the Community College of Rhode Island, explains how everyone is engaged in building the talent pipeline to support entrepreneurs.

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