US Chamber Foundation

RI's Broadband Capabilities Drive Entrepreneurship

For those of you who love rankings, check out this interesting report from the U.S. Chamber Foundation. It shows Rhode Island coming in at #2 overall on the metric "innovation and entrepreneurship." If you've read through the pages of this website, it won't surprise you that our strengths are most pronounced in academic R&D and broadband.

 They point out that "years of challenges in manufacturing industries have compelled the Ocean State to look toward opportunities based in technology and knowledge-based jobs to diversify and strengthen its economy. Those efforts have been helped along by the state’s status as a national leader in broadband access.

Rhode Island also now ranks high in STEM job concentration and high-tech job concentration as a share of total jobs. Governor Gina Raimondo founded the state’s first venture capital fund, and has made innovation, skills development, and entrepreneurship priorities of her economic development strategy," the report concludes.

And the good news doesn't stop there. The Gallup organization, too, is eyeing Rhode Island. They've seen the big wins we're putting up on the board with major U.S. consumer brands investing in Rhode Island. As such, we have rocketed from #50 to #28 on a recent nationwide index measuring job creation. We commend all the risk takers in Rhode Island that are driving our entrepreneurial genius. Keep innovating.