Providence rules.

Small yet spacious. Progressive and positive. Abundant and affordable. Intense but laid back. And maybe even under-appreciated? Providence is a place where design-thinking is imbued into the culture. New investors are pouring into the city because it's obvious that something special is afoot here. Welcome to the right place at the right time. 

So, what makes a city great? The internationally renown design and urban planning firm Sasaki Associates observes that "urbanites across the country agree on a few things. They want great food. They love waterfronts. And they value historical architecture." We have a stellar reputation on each of these fronts. Providence is very much a city-state which means the best of everything is always close by. 

Providence is for foodies. New food trends start here, thanks to a plethora of James Beard Award-winning chefs and a bevy of Michelin Star restaurants, many of whom were spawned by the preeminent culinary institution Johnson & Wales University. Artisan. Organic. Free Range. Sustainable. Traceable. Local. Farm to Table. We are at the vanguard of these movements. Ethnic restaurants, food trucks, pop up carts, seafood festivals, farmers markets, breweries and wineries satisfy hunger and thirst.

Rhode Island's farm to table movement is garnering national acclaim.

Rhode Island's farm to table movement is garnering national acclaim.

The ocean, the bay, the rivers and the basins are seductive forces that have fused local residents' love affair with all things water. The ocean influences our people, our industry, our food and our history. It has been said that "we are all bound together by the bay and open to the ocean." Providence's storied maritime heritage provides enduring elements for today's entrepreneurs.  Waterplace Park and Riverwalk are staging grounds for WaterFire -- the internationally known art installation of 80 sparkling bonfires floating in braziers anchored in three downtown waterways. Each year, Providence's signature attraction coaxes more than six million people from around the world to visit our waterfront. 

Historical landmarks and cultural offerings are in abundance.  Public art and unique architectural elements are woven into the fabric of the city. Providence is chock full of buildings that are well made and full of interesting details. Distinctive spaces and iconic design capture the imagination. 

Museums, art galleries, the Zoo, the Philharmonic, ballet, opera, broadway and repertory theatre, comedy, opera, chorus, jazz, improv and bands of all genres thrive in Providence. Outdoor music and entertainment venues are famously popular.  Passionate devotees of the arts make for appreciative audiences throughout Rhode Island.

Adventurous activities including kayaking, wind surfing, sailing, hiking, skating, boarding and skiing are teasingly close to everyone's front door. Distinctive retail drawing on local inspiration gives the area panache. Professional sports teams are represented with regional baseball, football, hockey and basketball franchises. Young professionals like that Providence and, for that matter, all of Rhode Island is off-beat and fun.

The city is walk-able, bike-able, rideshare-able, segue-able, row-able and even gondola-able. Grow roots in a community that has everything to offer. Entrepreneurs begin in Providence. And they stay in Providence.

Check out these videos which capture the essence of living in Rhode Island.



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